LinkedIn has been a go-to platform for B2B marketers, but many businesses have been struggling with lead generation on the platform. To emphasize the strengths of its aircrafts in alignment with the priorities of business travelers (efficiency and profit-making), a few of Embraer’s existing models were renamed as the “Profit Hunter” and the noses were painted with a predatory theme — for example, an attacking shark, which was promoted through a range of channels including the organization’s broader “Incredible Journeys” video series: According to Gravity, the Profit Hunter campaign smashed KPIs across the board, spurring massive growth in global brand awareness and driving a 60% increase in engagement year-over-year. Key Takeaway: Tapping into your audience’s interest in an event or conference, in the moment through live broadcasting, can help your brand co-opt momentum. This formula came together beautifully, helping the brand rapidly expand and solidify its community on the platform. Key Takeaway: Businesses have many audiences, and in these times where talent is critical, you can't overlook your potential employees as a crucial audience. The brands and agencies behind these efforts helped remind us what can happen when a powerful idea comes to fruition, through hard work and thoughtful strategy. Use professional demographic data to target the right people by job title, company, industry, seniority, and more. Influencer marketing might bring to mind images of celebrities hawking vitamin water or makeup kits to their millions of followers. It’s no longer a radical idea to say that B2B advertising campaigns don’t have to be boring. B2B brands can be hesitant to take a bold stance with their purpose. Humor has long been an integral part of B2C marketing. People prefer to buy from brands that they perceive as sharing their core values. This video for their Global Impact Report makes their stance crystal clear: This type of thought leadership has helped Deloitte accrue more than 3 million followers on LinkedIn, with thousands of views and hundreds of comments on their LinkedIn Page posts. Key Takeaway: Be bold and differentiate yourself from the competition. My dream as a child was to play with Swansea City.”. In this course, join LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen as she shares best practices, tips, and strategies for effectively conducting B2B marketing on the LinkedIn platform. Agency pros share their thoughts on how businesses can leverage LinkedIn to develop a successful B2B … Standout Feature: Multichannel Deployment. LinkedIn accounts for 46% of the traffic going to B2B websites, and 52% of B2B buyers are using the platform, with 80% of B2B leads stemming from LinkedIn. Me+Moo made the B2B Marketing Awards 2019 Shortlist under Best Multichannel Campaign, Best Use of Creative, and Best Use of Content Marketing. Within 30 days of launching the giveaway, Gong saw an 85% relative increase in LinkedIn Page follower growth compared to the previous period, along with a 194% increase in likes, 108% increase in shares, and 6,893% increase in comments. They are the hallmarks of marketing greatness, and eternal aspirations of practitioners everywhere. With more than 433 million professional users, some statistics show that 80% of business leads come from LinkedIn. All told, the authenticity and humanity of their micro-influencer videos helped Bosch exceed their benchmarks for reach, engagement, and conversions. Webhelp is an outsourcing company offering B2B solutions in optimizing the company Go-To-Market: analytics, demand marketing, inside sales & digital, care. Upwork ran an impressive integrated campaign, repurposing the assets for 15-second commercials, billboards, ads on public transportation, and more. Consumers are watching more video content than ever before, and that includes C-suite level members of buying committees. The hashtag has inspired plenty of user-generated content as well, bringing an extra level of authenticity. Their willingness to court a little controversy with irreverent humor translated to increased visibility with their target audience. They were even able to create gifs from the video and use them as social media images. #1 — SAP. LinkedIn analytics are instrumental in creating a winning B2B marketing campaign. The “2016 LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report” from Bizible found that most B2B software and business service companies (50 percent) consider their LinkedIn marketing strategies to be successful. LinkedIn, the #1 platform for lead generation. But when tracking those analytics, it’s vital that you know your company’s marketing goals. The ambition paid off, as Me+Moo turned into a big hit. Now, it’s more that they can’t be boring if they are to be effective. The company’s metrics showed that Dentsu Aegis was the most talked-about digital advertising network at the Festival, and among the top 10 most talked-about brands. In particular, there’s a type of snarky irreverence that brands like Wendy’s and Moon Pie have used on social media to great effect. However, there are a few factors that all great LinkedIn B2C campaigns have in common. Key Takeaway: Make contests and giveaways more substantive by creating clear relevance and value for your audience (adding a human face by featuring your employees doesn’t hurt, either). Barclays could have written a dry case study about Low Cost Vans, a small business that sponsors their local football club. Since then it went through numerous transformations and is now considered the number one social media platform for content marketing among 94% of B2B companies. There are many reasons why advertising on LinkedIn through Sponsored Updates is a smart move for B2Bs, including: Key Takeaway: Unique research and reports that are acutely useful to your target audience can become  fixtures for lead generation and thought leadership. It was only in 2003 when LinkedIn launched as a tiny professional networking site with only 20 signups a day. Today, talented marketers are pushing the envelope for what B2B marketing can be. Despite the level of investment, video is a must for brands in B2B and B2C. As we look ahead to a new year, our team at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is feeling inspired by these examples, and we hope you might be as well. WeWork used the videos in their native form, as YouTube pre-roll ads, and embedded natively on social networks. This growth is great for B2B advertisers. In this interview, Steve Phillip, a leading Coach and Expert on using LinkedIn shares his approaches and explains how his clients are using LinkedIn. If you work in B2B, LinkedIn is a gold mine. Subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog for expert advice throughout 2019 and beyond. Read the next post in the series. Research also indicates that more and more companies are using social media’s power to generate leads. All told, the “Digital Bank of the Future” campaign yielded 350,000 new contacts and leads and $28 million in pipeline for Oracle, according to MOI. Need help? A robust landing page featured influencer videos with first-hand insights on what it takes to climb the professional ladder. As part of an ongoing initiative to showcase company culture and attract quality talent, Dropbox frequently features its employees and their diverse passions, interests, and experiences under the serial hashtag #LifeInsideDropbox. In fact, based on my research, 97% of the 100 largest SaaS companies are using LinkedIn Ads. They’re combining creativity and strategy to reach audiences, earn attention, and inspire action. As you’re embarking on a LinkedIn B2B PR strategy, don’t forget to track your analytics to see how you’re moving the needle. Users are … LinkedIn has become a powerhouse in business-to-business marketing. These are the seven B2B marketing campaigns that stood out most to us in 2019. Viveka shares step-by-step actions that individuals on your sales team can take using video, updates, and other features. Subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog, Illuminating content on digital marketing. The conversions and traffic that a LinkedIn presence can achieve are impressive. Combine your LinkedIn strategy and analytics. December 6, 2016. The past year featured a number of campaigns that embodied these qualities, and performed brilliantly as a result. By creating quality content, you can turn your strategy from outbound marketing—drawing attention through ads—and start building an inbound strategy where you draw in users interested in what you have to offer. But these are not the only reasons visual content complements existing B2B content marketing strategy and B2B content marketing programs. That’s why we love LinkedIn for B2B marketing. It’s not about getting the influencer with the biggest audience; it’s about finding those who are most relevant to and trusted by your target audience. Barclays does convey what they do for small businesses, what their values are, and how they helped Low Cost Vans succeed. We seldom use this unless we’re running brand awareness campaigns where the only bidding option is CPM. Seeking to gain greater awareness and influence among digital banking decision makers, Oracle teamed with agency MOI Global to produce in-depth research pieces exploring the disconnect between consumer expectations and present banking practices, as well as a benchmarking tool for evaluation. If you work at a B2B company, then chances are that you’re running LinkedIn Ads. Deloitte is a stellar example of how taking a stand can earn the right kind of attention from potential buyers. B2C campaigns on LinkedIn can serve an array of marketing objectives and come in a huge variety of different formats. Ultimately, having the right B2B LinkedIn strategy is paramount to your success as a marketer. Start advertising on the world’s leading platform for B2B Marketing. Use HTML and email builder templates to create email campaigns in SFMC or Pardot to educate, engage, and convert SMB and to nurture existing B2B customers, to drive higher retention and customer LTV. We made it! Powerful B2B LinkedIn Marketing Strategies. The most valuable element about LinkedIn is its powerful interest-targeting capabilities available on the platform for advertisers. Stay tuned in the next few weeks as we’ll dive deeper into a few of the campaigns mentioned above with behind-the-scenes looks. This can be from fear of alienating potential customers, perception that their buyers only care about their product (not their values), or both. But the story is far more effective, even emotionally moving, because it’s told at a human level. Creativity. The app drew in more than 11,000 users within the first month (per Chrissos) and received press coverage in Reuters, CNN, The New York Times and BBC Radio, among other outlets. Instead, it starts with, “I think every young lad has a dream of playing for your local club. LinkedIn Analytics Gives You Leverage. LinkedIn profile: SAP 1,655,343 followers Stay ahead of your competition. The promotional strategy included a heavy focus on LinkedIn, with the organic carousel format used to capture the campaign’s visual storytelling angle. Marketing LinkedIn's Latest Update Helps B2B Marketers Launch Scary-Smart Campaigns LinkedIn has recently made some significant updates to its platform. As we look ahead to a new year, our team at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is feeling inspired by these examples, and we hope you might be as well. Or that you’re thinking about LinkedIn Ads. The company created a series of 30-second videos illustrating how small businesses can level up their office space: The videos were designed so they can be cut to 15 or even 6 seconds and still get the message across. > LinkedIn’s share of B2B leads from social media platforms: 80% (Facebook + Twitter = 20%) LinkedIn vs email marketing vs phone calls. Exemplifying the engagement driven by these efforts, the above video has been viewed more than 7,400 times, and another image-based LinkedIn post highlighting the team’s involvement in the Grace Hopper Celebration received 248 likes. What is the Cost per lead (CPL) Benchmark? Conclusion . Are you planning on making more of an impact with your B2B marketing next year? Since LinkedIn has rolled out so many new tools for brands to maximize their engagement on the Microsoft-owned platform, let’s take a look at how five large primarily B2B companies are connecting with audiences through the myriad of page, group, and showcase page options LinkedIn now provides. Consumer brands like Lush, Tom’s, and Bombas have built their values into their business models and have seen impressive success. Focus on maximizing my clients' return on investment by creating and optimizing campaigns with a focus on Email Marketing Campaigns and LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaigns. In this course, join LinkedIn expert Viveka von Rosen as she shares best practices, tips, and strategies for effectively conducting B2B marketing on the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn is especially useful for B2B businesses and B2B marketers should learn how to best to apply LinkedIn as part of their inbound strategy if they want to reach their target audiences. Influence. The latest campaign from WeWork is a good example of how to squeeze every bit of utility from your video investment. Some marketers are using it as an inbound marketing platform where they try to attract potential customers via organic posts and paid ads. Editor's Note: Check out our favorite campaigns from 2019 to get your 2020 started off right. The structure of your account matters a lot when it comes to hosting ad campaigns on LinkedIn. A cautious approach does make sense for most brands, but there’s still value in pushing the envelope. You’re armed with everything you need to know to get Linkedin retargeting campaigns up and running. Enjoy their stories, and check out the LinkedIn Marketing Awards for even more 2019 inspiration. The timeliness, relevance, and live format sparked tremendous engagement and reach for this initiative. Nick Chrissos, Cisco’s Director of Innovation for EMEAR, called it “one of the most ambitious projects we’ve ever attempted.”. They needed to convince tradespeople to upgrade their tools — a group that is historically skeptical of new technology. The number of its users is over 600 million by 2019 and still growing. While LinkedIn—the world's largest and most powerful network of professionals—is widely recognized as a top recruiting tool, it also offers features that companies and individuals can leverage for business-to-business (B2B) marketing. Perhaps next year you’ll find a campaign of your own profiled in our annual rundown. Developing a strategic approach to LinkedIn Marketing for B2B companies - advice from Steve Phillip of Linked2Success. On LinkedIn, that first touch or continual touch occurs in a place where your customer is already in the business mindset. Freelance coordinator Upwork went all in on irreverent humor for their “Hey World” campaign, which combined bold color and design with cheeky call-outs to NASA, the President, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and many more. ... then LinkedIn allows you to retarget them with paid campaigns to bring them back to your site. There are nearly 675 million users on LinkedIn in over 200 countries, with more people joining at a rate of 2+ new members every second.. To keep its brand name top-of-mind for key audiences during the event, the company hosted interviews with prominent thought leaders at a pop-up beach house nearby in Cannes, and broadcast them in real-time across multiple channels including LinkedIn Live. To make their case, Bosch provided tools to volunteer testers, encouraging them to create video reviews: These videos became the base for a campaign that included social media mentions and placement of reviews in trade publications. By Rosalina Felipe / September 19 2019 If you’re a B2B advertiser starting your first campaign on LinkedIn, there are key components you should know before you begin advertising. Key Takeaway: Finding clever and unique ways to demonstrate the functionality of new products and services can dramatically boost awareness. To maximize engagement with the contest, the company made it extremely easy for members to enter, prompting a simple one-word response in the comments on these posts. Here are just a few of our favorite B2B campaigns from the past year. Instead, they focus the story on Low Cost Vans’ Managing Director, Rod Lloyd. November 5, 2020. 5G RuralFirst, a consortium led by Cisco, sought “to create (and drum up interest in) rural test-beds and trials for 5G wireless and mobile connectivity across three main sites in the Orkney Islands, Shropshire, and Somerset.” To do so, they worked with communications agency Harvard to develop an app called Me+Moo, in which users take advantage of the technology to connect with a real-life cow and track its health and well-being (via IoT collars and leg sensors) through a “moonitor” dashboard. The content was distributed across multiple channels, amplified by influencers, and supplemented with offline activities such as workshops and bootcamps. The past few years have seen a renaissance in creative, humorous, personality-filled B2B marketing. Hopefully these examples help inspire you and your team to be creative, impactful, influential, excellent, and innovative in the coming year, and decade. Competing with industry giants Boeing and Airbus, Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer wanted to make a fierce splash, so it partnered with agency Gravity Global on a campaign incorporating events, videos, VR, social media, and more. Qualified leads come from a quality audience . It was selected as Best Multichannel Campaign at The Drum B2B Awards 2019. LinkedIn membership is booming — 690 million users in Q3 of 2020. With all the data collected, we were able to launch a B2B marketing campaign on LinkedIn, generating 4 times more traffic and 30% more new leads than control B2B campaigns. In my experiment (and because I’m a nosy fella), I’ve added a fifth one, which served the best quality leads. Here are just a few of our favorite B2B campaigns from the past year. This post was the first in an occasional LinkedIn Marketing Blog series, "Looking Back to See Forward," that kicked off the year by examining marketing's recent past to see the way forward in 2020 and beyond. Additionally, 70 percent have invested in LinkedIn marketing ad campaigns for demand generation purposes. Successfully Advanced LinkedIn Ads for B2B Ventures. It effectively builds a solidly professional network that every business is seeking and already becomes an inevitable part of digital marketing. tremendous engagement and reach for this initiative, rural test-beds and trials for 5G wireless, team’s involvement in the Grace Hopper Celebration, Illuminating content on digital marketing. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is a pivotal point on the calendar for organizations like Dentsu Aegis, a global network focusing on media and digital marketing communications. Everyone loves a story about the small-town guy or gal who makes good — and B2B buyers are no exception. When it comes to LinkedIn marketing, always remember that unlike Facebook, the audience on LinkedIn is very mature and are not reactive to unnecessary and irrelevant content. It was nominated in two categories on the B2B Marketing Awards 2019 Shortlist: Best Multichannel Campaign and Best Use of Social Media or Influencer Marketing. Enjoy their stories, and check out the LinkedIn Marketing Awards for even more … Just as crucial as the Product, Price, and Promotion of your campaign, is the Place where your campaign is shown and where the first-touch with your customer occurs. Impact. The video doesn’t start with a history of the company, or of Barclay’s involvement with the company. They master using LinkedIn’s unique targeting … LinkedIn is known as one of the most fast-growing social media networks and a powerful platform for B2B marketing. These users are professionals from every industry who are on the platform during working hours with … Bonus – LinkedIn campaign from LinkedIn A bonus campaign here, as it’s not exactly a LinkedIn campaign anyone else could emulate, but it’s what LinkedIn did to celebrate the end of 2010 . Key Takeaway: Even on busy social feeds, strong creative that leverages immersive narrative formats like video and image carousels can pull your audience in and compel them to take the next step. To make this content stand out on feeds, posts tend to include striking visuals, such as photo collages and videos. The resonant and well-aligned content hit home with LinkedIn members, exceeding Prophix benchmarks for organic carousel click-throughs by 63x, while engagement was more than eight times higher than benchmarks. Advertising on the platform is no different—and using Sponsored Updates, we’ve led our own B2B clients’ campaigns to success. Sales conversation intelligence platform embraced the spirit of holiday giving through a contest that featured popular sales books as prizes. Dentsu Aegis was able to earn 48% share of voice during Cannes and achieved a 31% engagement rate on LinkedIn Live, healthily eclipsing their targets of 20% and 10%, respectively. Cost per lead is simply the cost an advertiser is paying to capture a lead. LinkedIn Ad Campaigns. Innovation. Excellence. Let these five campaigns inspire you to bring humanity, authenticity, humor, and purpose to your marketing, and to explore new ways to bring your content to your target audience. The global CPM average on Linkedin: $33.80 per 1000 impressions. AJ Wilcox from B2Linked recommends creating four different campaigns (one branch below your Campaign Group) with one creative. In the meantime, you can subscribe to the LinkedIn Marketing Blog to stay informed and inspired all year long. And for more displays of strategic marketing savvy to guide your go-forward strategy, you can check out some of our favorite B2B campaigns from 2018 and 2017. AJ suggests keeping an eye on the following: Campaign Naming. Video production has gotten cheaper in the past few years, but it’s still one of the most resource-intensive types of content. These are the traits shared by B2B campaigns that rise above and raise the bar. These are the seven B2B marketing … To make an impact with high-level financial decision makers, Prophix Software teamed with agency TopRank Marketing to create a campaign infusing customer stories with guidance on career growth, and geared it toward current and aspiring CFOs. Recognizing the proven performance of short-form video content on LinkedIn, they used this approach to promote the giveaway, recording quick clips in which actual employees from Gong talk about the books and why they matter to sales pros. We look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2020. The name of your campaign has a far-fetched impact on its success. Visual content for B2B content marketing is also particularly well-aligned with B2B marketers’ two primary goals for their content: Creating brand awareness and educating audiences. B2B brands, while experimenting with humor, tend to play it a bit safer. Editor's Note: Enjoy this special encore post, which was one of readers' favorites so far in 2020. As mentioned for the 26th time already, the power of LinkedIn lies in narrow targeting. Bosch Power Tools used micro-influencer marketing to reach their target audience without breaking the bank. LinkedIn has a powerful content publishing platform, and if you’re serious about B2B marketing, you need to be using it. At my agency, we’ve been having a lot of success with LinkedIn for our clients. Here are common conversion rates experienced when trying to book events/meetings through different channels. You can do this at a basic level by creating shortlinks and/or a campaign URL with Google Analytics. Getting to grips with LinkedIn is a must for B2B marketers and brands. But B2B influencer marketing is different.